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Sangfah is the group company from the upper northern part of Thailand. Kamphang Phet city. We now have five business elements beneath our great wing expended over Thailand and across to the world. Agriculture is the heart of Sangfah's business which is initially started for two decades from rice mill to tapioca chip producer which is now become the major agricultural industrial group. Then, it was expanded to agricultural export business, as the secound group, which two big projects for rice refining factory, warehouses, and loading port have been started in 2014. The third group is agricultural warehousing business as for raw material stock keeping saving for government projects and also for private sectors in the central area of Thailand. Apart from the above three groups of agriculture divisions, we are caring for the global environment and technology. We are growing our own biomass energy industries as the fourth element, especially for bio power and bio ethanol. As same as the last one which is our information technology business. The new generation company provides internet solution and data server services serving around metropolitan areas.


Year 1991: The small milling factory emerged under the name Sangfah Thanyakij Rice Milling Factory located in Pothong, Pangsilathong district, Kampaeng Phet province. Founders, Mr.Vichai Chongpattanasombat and his wife - Mrs. Ladawan purchased and operated paddy milling 40 metric tons per day, then trading turn to local market. The milling factory had been enlarged gradually by demand in Thai rice market at that time. Recently, the miller increased their rice milling capacity to 400 metric tons a day.

Year 2001: Under the eagle eye of Sangfah founders, they saw an opportunity in Tapioca chips business which is fast growing in Kampang Phet. They spent 120 acres of their own land for cassava yard business consequently in 2001 called Sangfah Produce Ltd produced cleaned Tapioca chips 1,500 metric ton per day. The cassava factory located in Pangmakha, Khanuvoraluckburi district, Kamphaeng Phet city.

Year 2008: Established of Sangfah Agri Product Co., Ltd for Tapioca chips and rice commodity export, and also launched Sangfah Inter Rice Co., Ltd for parboiled rice milling factory. With high capacity of paddy production 1,200 metric tons/day, the companies had potentially served Thai Parboiled Rice to main local rice exporters.

Year 2012: Extended to warehouse rental business named “Klang Kamphaeng Phet Co., Ltd” having 26 buildings total scale 283,200 square meters.

Year 2013:
Investing tapioca chip warehouse & port at Tareu district, Ayuthaya city and rice refining factory & Pamoke district, Angthong City.

Year 2014: First step to alternative energy business by the new born of Kamphang Phet Bio Power Co., Ltd. They are dealing under long term contract with state enterprise, Provincial Electricity Authority of Thailand, producing biomass electric power 9.9 MW with capable of producing electricity for 73,656,000 units.

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